About us

Brands of latest generation cosmetics

What defines us

We are the official distributors in Spain of the fytofontana cosmeceuticals firm. A state-of-the-art cosmetic brand developed in Switzerland. Scientific cosmetics that provide the highest levels of efficacy, safety and comfort for the skin.


Our objetive

The beauty and well-being of the skin are our priority. But understood as the result of the application of care developed on an innovative scientific basis, which achieve its results by using the highest concentration of active ingredients. From Purity Dreams we select for you the most advanced cosmetic, designed from the latest research on skin aging, and that uses natural and biotechnological substances whose effects you will notice from the first applications.


JMF Cosmetics

Spreading the JMF philosophy is like bringing a new way of doing aesthetics, taking advantage of modern technologies and pushing towards new horizons that involve the beauty of body and mind. JMF exists to make a difference.

JMF Cosmetics