A new way of understanding how to really treat skin through history


The skin is closely related to our state of physical and mental health as well as to nutrition and, at any stage of your age that you want to start taking care of it, you will have to look for functional, non-industrialized products that stimulate the skin like doing gymnastics.

Body care, the search for beauty through history and even us.

When traveling with sailboats, sailors remain at sea for months before reaching their destination, exposed to the sun, wind and salt, almost all are affected by a condition called scurvy. Their nutrition is certainly not healthy. One day, a young doctor who was walking in a Spanish port, saw a crew disembark without any signs on their faces. As a curious young researcher, he went to see what that boat was carrying. The cargo consisted of many types of citrus: oranges, lemons, grapefruits. Hence his intuition made him discover that scurvy appears due to a lack of vitamin C. Many years later his thesis was confirmed.