Facial treatments, good tips and information from JMF cosmetics


DETOX For all skin types. Duration 50 minutes

To be carried out as needed even once a month, it is an ecological treatment that helps eliminate toxins and impurities (without the use of steam) that suffocate the skin. Performs a deep cleansing suitable for all skin types. It also allows you to make an accurate diagnosis before a specific treatment cycle.

OXY LIFTING Dry and sensitive skin. Duration 70 minutes

We mean those skins that show redness in cases of temperature changes, telangiectasias, digestion, emotionality. Bring as many substances as possible to rehydrate deeply. Recommend treatment in the cabin every 15 days for 3 times, reiterating the importance of careful and constant home treatment. In this case, be careful on this type of skin sensitive to VITA C and salicylic acid which can lead to irritation and allergies in cases of truly reactive skin.

COMPOSIT 1 Normal skin. Duration 60 minutes

By normal we mean healthy skin, basically without any particular problems. Deep cleansing minimizing the discomfort of the "squeezing" of comedones. The treatment in the cabin it is recommended every 10 days for 3 times to help the home protocol.