Food pyramid a healthy lifestyle both in quality and quantity


A healthy lifestyle through the choice of food (both in quality and quantity) to maintain the state of well-being with results on the skin.

The skin is the identity card of what we eat

The health of the skin manifests itself mainly with a balanced diet. From each macronutrient we obtain micronutrients that make the skin radiant, supple and young. The basics of healthy eating are found in the food pyramid. The shape of the pyramid helps to understand the frequency of intake of these foods: at the base we will find the foods that we have to consume daily and even several times a day and those at the top are those that should be taken rarely (once a week) or in small quantities.

Keep skin hydrated

Besides all the food, we should imagine that the pyramid is submerged in water. The essential constituent of the body and essential for life carrying out physiological processes; water should never be lacking if we want hydrated skin.

Health, longevity, beauty and anti-aging

In the food pyramid there are a lot of health, longevity, beauty and anti-aging for the skin. We should think of nutrition as a "pearl of beauty for our skin". Note that each complete food contains both macronutrients and micronutrients (vitamins and mineral salts) in different proportions.