JMF cosmetics and its philosophy of youth


A life with balanced sleep and proper nutrition can counteract aging, including skin aging. A very important anti-aging barrier is also found in JMF cosmetics, which contain some of the most powerful antioxidants capable of fighting those responsible for skin inflammations at the start of the dreaded wrinkles and unsightly pigmentation irregularities.

Matters of skin

We often forget that the skin it is a vital organ and needs for this of special care and attention. The skin defends and protects us from pollution, from sunlight, from bacteria and viruses, regulates the temperature body and acts as a receptor for a whole series of parameters such as sensations of pain, heat or cold.

The epidermis is the part of the skin in direct contact with the outside world, the its surface is composed of cells death that are pushed upwards from the new ones. This process of keratinization has a duration average of 4 weeks, ie about every 30 days the stratum corneum is completely renewed.

The renewal process of the skin slows down with the passage of years, as a result the skin sheds texture, elasticity and freshness. Under the epidermis is the dermis composed of two substances very important: collagen e elastin. Elastin is a protein which gives elasticity, while robustness collagen to the skin. The well-being of our fabrics is strongly conditioned by these two proteins very vulnerable to free radical attacks.