VITA.C Complex - Soothing anti-aging solution


Day after day, daily stress, exposure to the sun and polluting agents have harmful consequences on our skin that accelerate skin aging (chronobiological and photo-induced). One of the most important substances that can help us in all these situations is Vitamin C with its multiple antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, protective and stimulating properties. On the other hand, dissolved and ready to use vitamin C has the major flaw of being effective only for a very short time. VITA.C Complex has solved this problem by allowing the powdered vitamin to be activated just a moment before application. This innovative solution and the airless vial technology that does not allow air to enter even during use, allows you to enjoy all the benefits of 100% Vitamin C. Reduction of inflammatory and allergic reactions. Strong regenerating action. Its small size and ease of use make it the ideal ally during sunbathing, to counteract the action of free radicals that are formed due to UV radiation.

JMF Cosmetics Vitamins
Measure: 10 ml