VITA.AE Complex - regenerating anti-aging solution


ACE is an acronym became long been synonymous with general well-being derived from the antioxidant properties that reduce and block free radicals and their harmful consequences that accelerate aging. Too bad you never speak of the very short-term efficiency of these substances once dissolved in a liquid. VITA.AE Complex uses technology to allow this precious multivitamin complex to be available and operating at 100% right in their time of need. On the tube you can enjoy all the benefits of individual components: the strong regenerating action of vitamin A; the protective and antioxidant function of vitamin C; the ability of vitamin E to get deep and play an important anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-free radicals. In other words, with use, you will have a general and significant improvement in the appearance of facial skin. To regain its peak today and keep it intact for long, long time.

JMF Cosmetics Vitamins
Measure: 10 ml